June 15, 2024

There something very strange about horror. As much as it terrifies a person and shakes him up, it also has the power to entertain. The immense potential of tapping this genre in the entertainment industry was realised decades ago and ever since the directors, actors, showmen and everyone else in the business has been using this twisted form of entertainment. Well we are focusing on how Horror has now come up as a tool to attract gamers of all ages from all over the world by giving you a little in depth into some of the successful horror games.

  1. Topping this chart is undoubtedly the Alone in the Dark Series. With the protagonist Edward Carnby trying to solve supernatural and mysterious happenings in New York, this game surely stirs up the inner fears of the gamer and frankly speaking playing it alone in the dark can get real spooky.
  2. Biohazard in Japan, and the famous Resident Evil all over the world has been a treat to gamers, comic readers and youngsters for quite some time. It is a series of science fiction survival horror series that has many movies by the same name too. Although it started as a novella, it soon became the best known Horror series in the entertainment business. The first installment of the gaming series came in the form of a PlayStation game that involved a series of mysterious disappearances, gory murders and hints towards cannibalism.
  3. Konami’s best known survival horror game, by far, has to be the Silent Hill series. The first came out in 1999 with the protagonist Harry Mason coming to Silent Hill in search of his abducted daughter. During the game play, the protagonist and the player are together told about the past of the girl which forms the real cause of horror in the plot.