July 12, 2024

Dance and music can be two different things, but they go hand in hand when it comes to dance, or more precisely Tap Dance. Tap dance is a different form where you foot it with your musical shoes on. Wait, don’t mistake them to be those shoes that make squeaky noise when little kids walk. They teach them to walk whereas these shoes teach them to tap dance. Jokes aside. Tap dancers usually wear shoes that are fitted with metal heels and toe taps that make distinct beats by rhythmically striking a hard surface or a floor. It is one of the fun style to watch and adorable to perform.

Outline of the course

The course is designed very effectively. It is divided into three packs, the junior pack, the senior pack and the adult pack, targeted for various age groups.

At the beginning, different basic steps are fitted in the minds of the new kids and with the right amount of the guidance and help they begin to blossom.

The surprise that these packs unfold:

Warm up exercises

Technical combinations

Rhythmic combinations

Corner steps

Turning steps

Rhythm games


The music tracks that are pre-recorded.

Get your concepts clear

The exclusive mantra to lay your hands on Tap Dance is “practice makes a man perfect.” There are different steps, let’s begin with”Toe Tap.” Firstly, you need to bend your knees slightly and extend your foot sideways or in the front, whichever is comfortable for you, keeping your leg straight. Then, lift your leg and tap the ball of your foot against the floor. Be careful with the floor, as tap shoes can damage a wooden flooring. Keep the ball rolling by repeating the steps. Remember to remain synched with the music.

“Ball heal” is also an easy step to start with. Stand with your feet together and your hands on your hips. Then, lift your right foot slightly. Keeping the heel elevated, tread down the ball of your foot to make a clicking sound. Later, lower your heel, keeping the ball of your foot pressed against the floor. This movement should be smooth and sharp. Repeat the steps with your left leg.

You can similarly learn to do a “Ball Change”, “Heel-Step” and a “Shuffle.” Keep some scope of improvisation by experimenting with various combinations of the simple steps. Inspirations can be taken from famous and successful tap dancers. Watch their moves and embrace their styles.


Tap dancing can be an egg in one’s beer. It can be worthwhile to you in many ways. You can learn it anytime and anywhere and the best part is that you don’t need any previous experience at dancing. It can be an effective way to de-stress. It increases your flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning and stamina. It not only shapes your legs and feet, but also increases the flaccidity in your hips, knees and ankles. You can master in balancing and improve your posture. You get a great sense of rhythm and timing.

Kids enjoy tapping not even realizing that it is an exercise. It boosts their metabolism and heart pump rate. It explores their creativity and builds confidence. They also get exposed to jazz, which is like a cherry on the top of the cake. It improves their social skills as they start communicating and making friends.


Bored with the daily routine? Want to do something innovate and new in life? Just give this a try! It will not only bring a change in your typical boring life, but also give you positive healthy results. It is available at very affordable prices and does not have age or language as barriers. The portability and accountability adds weight. You can even teach tap with tap dance syllabus.