July 12, 2024

As far as PvP zones go, Zangarmarsh is one of the more popular additions in the Burning Crusade’s Outland continent. The area itself is home to numerous streams and pools, depicting the calm and serene settings of the Draenei. The zone itself is home to the Twin Spire Ruins, the objective for both the Horde and Alliance factions in the outdoor PvP battles.

The spires themselves are located near the Southern Shore of the Serpent Lake and the area around them make up yet another outdoor PvP arena. The goal for both sides is to control the beacons on the east and west ends of the area and retrieve the flag to the tower located in the middle. By controlling the tower in the center of the area, your faction gains control of the graveyard, gets the NPC rewards and pick up the buffs for the area.

The Beacon

To capture the beacons on either of the eastern and western towers, players must gather and have more people in the area for their faction. Over time, the beacon will eventually become the possession of whichever side has more people. The Alliance will gain a blue beacon while the Horde will gain a red beacon. To get the center tower, both beacons must first be controlled by the same faction.

After the beacons for both towers have been taken by one faction, that faction may approach certain NPCs and gain flags for use in taking the center tower. Either NPC can be found in Telredor and Zabra’jin. The players who pick up these flags will appear as having large flags on their back. To succeed in eventually capturing the center tower, a player needs only to bring the flag back to the center tower. After a player is defeated with a flag, another player can visit the NPCs and pick one up. After the beacons change, the NPCs stop handing out flags.


For those servers on which a faction is able to gain control of the center tower, that faction will gain certain rewards. They immediately gain access to use the graveyard at the Twin Spire Ruins. They also pick up a damage buff for 5% .

Besides the in-game bonuses, controlling the center tower, players can gain reputation tokens for all honorable kills in the zone. To use these tokens, players must visit the NPCs listed above and turn them in for special items. The same tokens found here can be used in the Hellfire Peninsula as the tokens are the same.