July 12, 2024

What do Board games, video games, and social media games all have in common? They all provide a platform in which you are granted an opportunity to harness your power, set clear intentions, and manifest glory! Games have been doing this since way before Monopoly and Pac-man. Childhood games like Knucklebones and Ball and Cup still employed the same agenda as it holds today — survival of the prolific. Nowadays, thanks to technology we now have virtual games housed on social media sites which make gaming that much more accessible, appealing, and challenging.

Gaming has always been known to positively transform lives that were once disheveled and in states of disrepair. However, despite their ability to completely alter our outward look on reality, it has developed quite an unfavorable reputation over the past few decades. But, why exactly? Engaging in gaming pulls you from your current, most-predominant thought process, propels you into a new, diverse reality, and creates a pleasurable, seemingly-intangible experience. Now, in no way am I encouraging escapism through gaming, so use your best judgment.

At the start of a new game you’ve never played before you get to learn about how the game works. You meet the character(s), discover the agenda, and fidget with the controls. Once you’ve played a few rounds you begin to realize you have to play smarter, not harder, and opt for strategizing moves to get further along. Eventually, you’ve gotten hip to the method of the game, you anticipate the curve balls, implement your winning tactic, and move on to the next level! If you think about it, gaming is very much like our Human experience on Earth. When we arrive in a human body we discover there are a few Universal rules to start us off, but the rest of it is learned through experience, strategy, and pure intuition.

When we play games we immediately state an intention (usually to ourselves) that we are going to win. Or at least attempt to win, right? And even if we aren’t completely clear in the beginning of the game as to if we want to win or just play to enjoy the process, we still have the opportunity to revise that intention further along in the game. When this happens, we usually end up surprising ourselves and other players who clearly didn’t see us creeping up from behind! This happens in life all the time. Think about when you or someone you know wandered aimlessly through life, just-a-living, only to change their focused intent midway through their 20’s, leaving an impact on everyone they know!

Games allow us see just how powerful of a creator we truly can be. Passion pours into our every move as we speculate preeminent moves and necessitate decisive actions. While setbacks are not a huge disappointment either — we know if we muddle a level it’s never really game over because we can just start over again. Life shares these similarities to gaming as well. When you have a desire to fulfill your intentions you contemplate the forks in the road, you take action that’s purely inspired to get you to your goal, and you know that there’s always more than one chance to get it right.

There is one last part of playing games that allows us to become adept at manifesting in our physical reality; that is camaraderie and resources. Asking for assistance from fellow gamers and/or characters within the game, and obtaining life-giving amulets or one-ups is essential to experiencing and completing a successful game of any sort. The help of others may seem counterintuitive, especially if you have a competitive streak, but in actuality, garnering resources and expertise shifts you closer to your intention manifested! In the real world this may look like having a mentor who can provide you tools and techniques to move toward your goal, or pooling your resources by asking friends and family to support you in some way.

So you see, whether it’s a virtual game on a website, a video game, or even a board game, they all possess the power to aid us in becoming manifesting experts. In our daily lives when we have a desire we must harness our powers, clarify our intended outcome, take action, and finally our intention manifests into our physical reality! Now, if we take only a fraction of the focused energy we use WITHIN a game and utilize it for winning our own game of life, we’ll realize we can make seemingly immaterial experiences reality, too.