June 15, 2024

Level 17 (Shapes)

98 balloons required to complete the level. This level is easy, yet hard at the same time. You have five packs of bloons, but only four darts. However each pack has multiple pin bloons and any of them will take out the pack they are in. The trick is to ensure that one of your darts is able to take out two packs, not too hard with a little practice, bearing in mind the dart will arc even off the top of the screen. So firing with good amount of power at the left pack will hopefully arc off the top and contact one of the right hand side packs on the way back down. Remember, when doing this, the dart follows a true arc, not a ricochet trajectory.

Level 24 (Monsta)

32 balloons required to complete the level. This level comprises many different bloons and obstacles. You will find pin bloons, triple dart bloons, and a whole host of rubber walls/floors. Ideally the first shot will take out the triple dart bloon and the pin bloon which is almost above monkey, at the same time taking out a few others. With the next shot try to get the dart to bounce off the top platform on the left to get pin bloon there and hopefully the triple dart one. If your shot missed the triple dart bloon go for that one next. Once that side is finished move to the right hand side of the screen and follow the same shots on that side.

Level 31 (The Cell)

100 balloons required to complete the level. Again there are two techniques which will allow for fairly easy completion of this level. On the first one fire directly at the wall close to the second bomb bloon and continue doing so in an “S” shape until you can hit that bomb. Once the bomb has been hit go for a pin bloon to destroy as many as possible of the remaining ones. With the last shot send an arc to take out as many of the others as you can. The other way, which is about the same in skill level is to fire to the top left corner of Monkey’s square, eventually hitting the triple dart, then fire that in the same direction as hard as possible and it will take out the bombs, pins and many of the bloons. Then aim for one of the pin bloons at the top right of the screen and finally an arc to try to get the lower right pin bloon.

Level 37 (Pacatak)

53 balloons required to complete the level. Once again the ever faithful Pac-Man comes into play and makes this level a little like playing one of the original Pac-Man games. It is important to note that your Pac-Man can eat his way through walls with no real trouble so you can take almost direct lines from one area to another. With the first dart get the initial Pac-Man in the center of the screen. With him work upwards and across the top to eat the top Pac-man bloon. Once you have that one continue right then down to the large group of bloons and eat that Pac-Man then the remainder of that group. Go from there to the Pac-Man on the right and eat your way down the double row of bloons, if you are fairly central you should be able to eat both rows at the same time. You have to be fast when using the Pac-Men, but if there are any bloons left after you use all the Pac-Men you can use your final darts to try to pop them.